Eivør receives Norwegian award for her contribution to Norwegian, Faroese and Icelandic cultural cooperation.

eivor_norwayLast Wednesday Eivør received the 2015 honorary award from the Norwegian “Sokneprest Alfred Andersson-Ryssts og hustru Solveigs” fund. The presentation of the award took place after her concert in Arendal, Norway.

The fund alternates on a yearly basis between acknowledging Norwegian authors and persons that have strengthened the cultural relationship … Read the rest

Where do you want Eivør to play in her upcoming Germany Tour?

Germany Tour CampaignThis November Eivør will go on another tour in Germany and we would like to offer you to influence on which of 10 selected cities she will perform in. The cities you can chose from are Freiburg, Kiel, Oldenburg, Aachen, Lüneburg, Münster, Rostock, Bochum, Bonn and Tübingen. All you need … Read the rest

Eivør – explaining about the album and the process of making it

eivor_booklet_imgDear friends,
I have loved the process of making this album. Both the creative process of writing the songs, the process of finding the right “soundscape” and then finally recording it. It has been an exciting and busy two years and I hope the music will speak to you in … Read the rest